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The Net Price Calculator is a tool you can use to estimate your eligibility for financial aid. It is not an application for financial aid and is applicable only to new students considering admission. Any estimates produced with this tool are not final or binding and are subject to change.

Any information that you submit here is confidential. We respect your privacy.

Please keep in mind, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be eligible to receive Federal student aid.


Are you a dependent of a minister who is a member of the Virginia United Methodist Conference?

Will you live on campus?

Are you legally independent?

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Members attending college in 2014-2015 (at least half time; including yourself, other dependent children, but not parents)

Parents' estimated annual income for calendar year 2014. Include taxable and untaxable income such as wages, dividends, interest income, capital gains/losses, business income, pensions, annuities, Social Security benefits, alimony, unemployment compensation, child support, worker's compensation, welfare benefits and any other income.

Father/Stepfather's 2013 wages
Mother/Stepmother's 2013 wages

Federal taxes paid in 2013

Parents' estimated assets (current value less any debts associated with the asset). Include cash, savings, checking, investments, business, investment farm and other real estate. Do NOT include 1) a home if it is a principle place of residence, 2) a family farm if you live on it, or 3) the value of life insurance policies and retirement plans.

Student's Earnings Information

Student's estimated annual income for calendar year 2014.

Student's estimated assets (current value less any debts associated with the asset).

Student's federal tax paid in 2013


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